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JG-450/JG-550 Crystal Aquarium
1.Use high transparent glass to enhance visual effects;
2.Use high quality Led lights,built-in reflectors to maximise strength output,with long service time;
3.Use touch swith;
4.Use perfect back-filtration system;
型号 尺寸 容量 灯功率 过滤泵功率
JG-450 L/450xW/110xH/210mm 8L 5.5W 5W
JG-450H L/450xW/110xH/270mm 11L 5.5W 5W
JG-550 L/550xW/110xH/230mm 10L 6.5W 5W
JG-550H L/550xW/110xH/270mm 13L 6.5W 5W
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