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Acrylic fish tank life support system introduction

Generally, the water body of acrylic fish tank is larger than that of ordinary household fish tank, so it needs to be equipped with corresponding life-saving system. In fact, whether it is a small family fish tank or a large water body in an aquarium where fish live and multiply, they also need a series of equipment to achieve the intent of maintaining various signs of life.
Such a system is the life support system, or life support system for short. The life support system is generally composed of a cyclic system, a sterilization system and a biochemical system. Each system forms a whole with each other and handles waste generated by fish livelihoods together. For different fish and aquatic organisms, the configuration of the life support system varies greatly.
It is necessary to plan a suitable life-sustaining system based on the life characteristics and livelihood needs of different organisms. Some organisms may need to add a temperature control system, and some may need to add special mineral elements to survive. The life-saving equipment used in the home generally includes ultraviolet sterilizers, protein removers, and filtration systems outside the tank. Of course, more specialized species such as large fish still have to be bred by professional units such as aquariums.
The investment in its related life-saving system is not affordable for ordinary enthusiasts, and at the same time, it requires high professional knowledge. Common life-saving equipment in the aquarium includes protein separators, ozone generators, biochemical filters, activated carbon filters and other equipment. In short, the settings of the life support system may "differ from fish to fish."