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DW Series Smart Pet Feeder

DW Series Smart Pet Feeder

Voice recording / feeding call

Scientific feeding / remote control Remote video / live view

Product Model

DW-01C (Remote Intelligent Edition)

Product Size


Total Weight


Rated power


Grain bucket capacity

3.3L (about 1.6kg dry food)

Use food

Dry non-sticky grain (0.5 ~ 1.5cm in diameter)

External supply voltage


Applicable battery

No. 1 battery × 3 (automatically switches to battery power after power failure)

Single serving

Each serving is about 3g (customized feeding needs to set the number of servings)

Feeding mode

Ⅰ:Three meals a day(5-5-14 ) Ⅱ : Two meals a day(10-14 )

Custom feeding

Stand by

Remote feeding

Stand by

Live video

Stand by

Voice function

Stand by

Product box gauge

4 Sets / Carton

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