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Aquarium design should pay attention to these details

In addition to the lighting, ventilation, substation and cooling systems of ordinary buildings, the important equipment system is the water disposal system. Let's take a look at the considerations for aquarium design! The first design and construction of the aquarium was based on the master plan of a foreign or domestic aquarium; even designers and aquarium builders were vague about the aquarium’s internal structure, structure, planning and water intake points, resulting in design flaws .
In the aquarium design, it is necessary to reasonably calculate the ratio of the water surface to the bottom based on the biological load to allocate the water intake ratio. In the design of the aquarium, the flow rate must be strictly requested. This determines whether the living environment can be warm. Water quality will also be affected.

In the design of the aquarium, the ratio of mechanical filtration and biological filtration should also be analyzed and considered. In the design process, it is necessary to think about how to reasonably arrange the location of equipment and fillers, which determines the water quality and biological survival rate of the aquarium. Choose the appropriate type of electrical equipment. We need to select the appropriate power equipment based on the characteristics of the survival system. For example, thinking about reasonable choices in all aspects of the project can reduce operating costs and bring direct economic benefits to the aquarium.

The design of the aquarium can only be completed. Temperature is also a very important reference element. The aquarium should choose the appropriate type of equipment. Here, Bian Xiao recommends a central hot water unit with low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency. Regarding different animals and diseases, the maintenance pool must be separated, even separated. The Ocean Hall should be relatively moderate from the hospital, ready to deal with some unexpected situations.

Therefore, it is necessary to set up open passages between the three areas of animal exhibition and performance, conservation and medical treatment, and rationally design and configure the circulation, elevation and water quality of the water body in the passage. Animal exhibitions require a large amount of transparent materials, which not only have good transparency, transparency, and small deformation, but also can accept great water pressure. Wall-type and pillar-type marine animal exhibits generally have two or three stories high and great water pressure.