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Design and construction project of large aquarium

   With the development of emerging marine industries, many places are developing aquariums and island tourism projects. Experts and scholars from all over the world have different opinions on how to realize the sustainable path of tourism and marine industries. The construction and design of the aquarium is very different from the construction and design of other construction projects. This difference is mainly reflected in the display and maintenance technology and equipment of the display. Take Qingdao Polar Ocean World as an example. It covers marine life viewing, marine science popularization of environmental education, marine animal performances and interactive entertainment. The recreational activities of Qingdao Underwater World have extended to the seabed, which can provide tourists with a real marine environment. In addition, some aquariums include various aspects such as marine cuisine, marine-themed performing arts, marine-themed commerce and outdoor entertainment. How many aspects should the design and construction of the aquarium be concerned? Let's take a look together.
  The construction of the aquarium requires professional aquarium construction personnel, and they need a little time to get familiar with some drawings and facilities of the aquarium construction. In addition, the construction of the aquarium requires not only general construction materials, but also some professional aquarium materials, such as acrylic sheets, water circulation systems, various fish, aquatic plants, and so on.

When the aquarium was built, most of the ground was occupied by water bodies, such as performance pools, migratory pools, shark pools, whale pools, conservation pools, storage pools, fire fighting pools, etc., and the requirements for each part of the water body (mainly divided into sea water and fresh water) are very different, so the huge water circulation system for water treatment constitutes the aquarium equipment and technology 

The conservation and medical reatment of marine animals are also failites to be considered in the aquarium project.For different animals and dfferentliseases, the conservation pools need to be separated, and even separate isolation pools are set up.Therefore, it is very important forthe company to have(gofessional maintenance personmnel which can not only keep the aquarium isolated, but also do this conveniently and fast.not only to keep the aquarium isolated,but also convenient and fast.To this end, underground passages are set up betweenhe thee reas of animal display and performance.conservation and medical treatment and reasonable design and configuration of the water circulation,

   The display of animals requires a large amount of transparent material, which has good light transmission, clarity, small deformation, and can withstand huge water pressure. Wall-type and tube-type marine animal display bodies generally have a height of two or three floors. The huge water pressure requires that the wall thickness of the display body be above 0.5m. The ordinary glass is heavy and unsafe, so the aquarium Acrylic is commonly used.

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