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Detailed introduction to the placement and use of fish tank filter materials

As the saying goes: Raising fish first raise water. A well-functioning fish tank filtration system not only helps to purify the water and increase oxygen, but also helps to establish a good ecosystem, so that the appreciation fish can live in the aquarium better. The filter material is the central part of the fish tank filter system. Today, the editor will share with you some aquarists' experience on the placement and use of fish tank filter materials, and may be able to help you!
Filter materials refer to materials that help filter and purify water quality. Fish tank filter materials are generally divided into two types, physical and chemical, including filter cotton, magic carpet, biochemical cotton, ceramic ring, glass ring, bacteria house, activated carbon, ammonia stone, coral sand, volcanic ring, medical stone, biochemical Beads/biochemical balls, water softening resin, etc.
Filter material placement reference. Under normal conditions, the fish tank filter material is placed in order of physical level filtration, chemical level filtration and biological level filtration according to the flow direction. The details are: water inlet→(water pump)→physical filtration→chemical filtration→biological filtration →(Water pump)→The water outlet is designed to allow water to flow through most of the filter material as evenly as possible to achieve the purpose of non-corrosion of the flowing water.
Poorly placed a5.jpg Among them, the filter cotton in the physical filtration can absorb large impurities in the water and effectively clean the water; the activated carbon, medical stone, water softening resin, etc. in the chemical filtration can be used to remove odors and pigments , To improve water quality; the biochemical cotton, biochemical ball, ceramic ring, etc. in the biological filter help the multiplication of nitrifying bacteria and assist the fish tank to establish a complete nitrification system.