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Here are some common types of equipment

There are many different types of equipment that can be used in an aquarium, and the specific equipment you choose will depend on the size and type of your aquarium, as well as the types of fish and other aquatic animals you are keeping. Here are some common types of equipment that you may need:
Filters: Filters are important for maintaining the water quality in your aquarium. There are several types of filters available, including mechanical filters (which remove debris from the water), chemical filters (which remove dissolved substances from the water), and biological filters (which provide a surface for beneficial bacteria to grow on).
Heaters: If you are keeping tropical fish or other aquatic animals that require a specific water temperature, you will need a heater to maintain the appropriate temperature.
Lights: Aquarium lights serve several purposes, including illuminating the aquarium for viewing and providing a light spectrum that is suitable for the growth of aquatic plants.
Air pumps and air stones: Air pumps and air stones are used to oxygenate the water in your aquarium, which is important for the health of your fish and other aquatic animals.
Thermometers: It is important to monitor the water temperature in your aquarium, and a thermometer can help you do this.
Gravel and substrate: Gravel and other types of substrate can be used to provide a natural-looking bottom for your aquarium, and can also provide a surface for beneficial bacteria to grow on.
Decorations: Aquarium decorations, such as rocks, plants, and ornaments, can add visual interest to your aquarium and provide hiding places for your fish.
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