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How can the water in the fish tank become extremely transparent?

As the saying goes: "water is clear, there is no fish" and "black water fish fat" I believe everyone has heard of these two sentences. Is it clear from these two sentences that the water is too clear is not good?
The original meaning of these two sentences is correct, but he has a premise, this premise refers to the natural conditions, rather than referring to our breeding fish tank. In the natural world, the survival of the fittest, big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp, shrimp eat sand, if the water quality is too clear, without microorganisms and debris, naturally there will be no small life, then how about big life? In the aquarium, this is not the case. The food is sufficient, and there is more than that, and the nutrients are added regularly every month. There are also a lot of mineral stones such as maifan stone in the filter tank, so There is no problem of nutritional deficiencies in the food chain, and the permeable water quality makes viewing more pleasing. Conversely, if the water body is chaotic, the residues of fungi and organic matter will cause pollution to the aquaculture water, which is harmful and not beneficial, so whether it is the pursuit of crystal clear water bodies from the water quality standards or ornamental is the right choice .
What is the reason why the water body is impervious in the aquarium? Many professional books and websites boast a lot of reasons, and they are also very detailed. Here I will only communicate with you about the reasons and solutions that affect the water of our aquarium.
1. Causes of bacteria. Our aquarium has been around for a long time. Over time, some bacteria will breed. These bacteria are not the same as nitrifying bacteria. They will not live on the surface of the filter material, but float in the water. Some of these bacteria are beneficial to us. (Denitrifying bacteria and Xenobacteria) eliminate organic residues, and are helpful for nitrifying bacteria, and some are harmful pathogens, which can cause poison to fish. The accumulation of these bacteria will cause turbidity, and when it is small, it will make the water of the fish tank opaque and clear, so we need to carry out regular sterilization treatment. Solution: UV-C germicidal lamps can be installed relatively quickly. However, it must be noted that the water passing through the sterilization lamp cannot directly flow into the fish tank, and should be biochemically filtered before flowing into the tank.
2. The cause of particles and soluble organic matter. The source of organic particulates and soluble organics is generated by the residues and fish feces that we usually feed. The particulates of this organics are invisible to the naked eye, and the physical filter material (white flour) used now cannot be filtered at all. It is different from particles. , Can be removed using physical methods. Because the physical effects of nature (charge repulsion, specific gravity problems) will keep them suspended and floating in water, so this kind of particles will not basically precipitate, even if it can precipitate, it will take a long time and absolutely still water. There are many types of these particles, chemical, inorganic, and some filter material dust, etc., are less than 100 microns, accumulated more, your water will not be transparent or even cloudy. Although the particles are very small, some are even as large as bacteria, but it is difficult for ordinary digestive bacteria to eat them. Note that it is not nitrifying bacteria. There are many solutions, but do not use flocculants (the principle is to turn the particles into huge particles), which will hurt the gills of the fish (the fish breathe with the gills) even if you put the flocculant powder In the physical filtration, he will also dissolve and flow into the fish tank, enlarge the particles, and damage the gills, and will not immediately increase the particles in the physical filtration, let the white flour filter. Then we have to fundamentally solve it by breaking it down and letting some special fungi digest and absorb them. You can use the two biological agents TBS strong decomposition enzyme and Su Ke Jing to decompose and digest its particles and soluble organic matter, I feel its effect is good.

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