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How corals reproduce in home aquariums

The reproduction of corals in household aquariums Coral tanks are becoming more and more popular, and the knowledge about coral management is gradually developing, and the technology is becoming more mature. However, it is still difficult to emulate the natural environment to encourage corals to lay eggs. Coral spawning in aquariums is still very rare.
Fortunately, there are other ways to reproduce corals. Although sexual reproduction is very rare, asexual reproduction is very common in coral tanks with good environment. After this characteristic of corals, the concentrating and patient sea-lovers can fill the entire coral tank with few corals through asexual reproduction. Coral reproduction is an effective way to get more corals, but more importantly, it can reduce the number of wild collections and maintain the environment.
When a good environment is present (for example, water quality indicators are appropriate, water flow, water temperature, light system, calcium content, etc.), the corals in the aquarium will naturally increase. The most important way of asexual reproduction is sprouting, and the mother will produce branches. During the germination process, a new coral (bud body) will grow on the side of the mother body. As the bud body grows, it will gradually separate from the mother body, and new coral individuals will be produced.