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How does ozone mix best with water?

We know that ozone is the second most oxidizing substance in nature. Because the molecular bond of the three oxygen atoms is extremely unstable, it will "arrogantly" take away the electrons from the atoms of the substance that come into contact with it. We call this characteristic strong oxidation. When applied to the water treatment industry, ozone has the following obvious characteristics:
1. Ozone has a strong ability to sterilize. Experiments have proved that when the ozone concentration in the water reaches more than 0.3ppm, it has a strong sterilization effect. The action time is only a few seconds.
2. It has strong oxidizing properties, which can oxidize the organic matter in the water and reduce the COD of the water body. It can also oxidize colored organic matter into colorless matter. That is, it has a decolorizing effect. Therefore, ozone generators are widely used in municipal sewage and tail water treatment in printing and dyeing plants.
3. Ozone can also oxidize some inorganic substances in water, such as ammonia, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and other reducing substances. They are oxidized into high-potential substances such as nitrate. In aquaculture, these substances are toxic to fish and shrimp, so ozone oxidation is of great significance in aquaculture.
4. There is no harmful residue after ozone acts in water. The substance after ozone decomposition is oxygen. Therefore, it has the effect of increasing oxygen in the water body. This is very beneficial to aquaculture or municipal sewage treatment.
At present, when the ozone generator is used in the water treatment industry, gas stones or nano aeration tubes are usually used to mix ozone gas with water. The bubble diameter is 1-3mm; because the bubble diameter is too large, its contact area with water is very small , So the proportion of ozone dissolved in the water is very low. In addition, the bubble diameter is too large, and the residence time of the bubbles in the water is also extremely short, which further reduces the dissolution efficiency of ozone in the water. In this way, on the one hand, the ozone generator cannot fully function, resulting in a waste of equipment investment. On the other hand, after the excess ozone overflows from the water, it not only has a strong corrosive and aging effect on the surrounding equipment, but may also cause human health. There is a potential danger. Therefore, it is very important to use the ozone generator correctly.

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