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How to choose the glass glue of the aquarium correctly?

If you need to assemble it yourself in the choice of fish tank, glass glue is essential. Glass glue is divided into many types according to the nature and composition. We can choose according to different needs. For example, acid glass glue is mainly used for glass and other General bonding between building materials. Neutral glue overcomes the characteristics of acidic glue corroding metal materials and reacting with alkaline materials, so the scope of application is wider and its market price is slightly higher than acidic glue.
A special type of glass glue on the market is silicone structural sealant. Because it is directly used for metal and glass structure or non-structural bonding assembly of glass curtain walls, the quality requirements and product grades are the highest among glass glues. The market price is also the highest.
One-component silicone glass glue is a kind of ointment, which will solidify into a tough rubber-like solid material when it is exposed to moisture in the air. Silicone glass adhesive has strong adhesive strength, high tensile strength, weather resistance, vibration resistance, moisture resistance, odor resistance and adaptability to changes in heat and cold. Coupled with its wider applicability, it can achieve the bonding between most building materials products, so the application value is very large. The silicone glass glue does not flow due to its own weight, so it can be used for the joint of the top or the side wall without sagging, collapsing or flowing away. It is mainly used for the bonding of dry clean metal, glass, most non-greasy wood, silicone resin, vulcanized silicone rubber, ceramics, natural and synthetic fibers, and many painted plastic surfaces. Good quality silicone glass glue will not squeeze out or change its physical properties when used below zero degrees Celsius. Fully cured silicone glass glue can continue to be effective when used at a temperature of 204°C (400oF), but when the temperature is as high as 218°C (428oF), the effective time will be shortened.

Purchase glass glue:
1. Recognize the brand. Effective registered trademarks, distinctive image recognition, reasonable price positioning, and perfect after-sales service are the identification standards for brand products.
2. Look at the packaging. First, look at the carton for the product name, factory name, specifications, place of origin, color, date of manufacture, and whether there is a certificate of conformity, warranty, and product inspection report in the carton; second, see whether the use, usage, and precautions on the plastic bottle are expressed. Clear and complete; Third, to see whether the net content is accurate, the manufacturer must indicate the specification model and net content (in grams or milliliters) on the bottle.
3. Test colloid. At present, a considerable amount of 5MM glass in the glass market is still ordinary glass (3MM float France has just been developed and is not easy to see), but glass above 8MM generally uses float glass (relatively high transparency), so the general When used to make a fish tank with a thickness of 8MM, you don't have to worry about whether you cut corners or cut materials, but after the manual tank is completed, you should carefully observe the surface for scratches, bubbles, and broken corners; whether the glass glue is evenly hit, and whether there are air bubbles ( Before the fish tank is made, it is necessary to tell the store what kind of glue to use, and the store is responsible for the problem.) Now there are many inferior glass in the glass market. The method of distinguishing is very simple. The glass thickness of a good manufacturer is not a little, and inferior glass, The actual 5MM is only 4.5-4.8, 8=7-7.5, 10=9.5, 12=11, we must pay attention to the selection.
4. Check the curing effect: after local sizing, the user should first check the surface drying time of the glass glue in combination with the instructions on the product packaging. If the time is too short or overtime, it means that the quality of the glass glue is problematic Consider the influence of environmental conditions), and then to be cured (the curing time should also be noted by the manufacturer), try the hardness and elasticity of the glue by hand, too hard or too soft glue is not good glue; then you can cut the glue Cross-section test whether the curing effect is the same inside and outside the glue.
5. Test tensile force and adhesive force: The tensile strength and peel strength (that is, adhesive force) of the cured silicone rubber are also different due to the difference in the quality of the silicone rubber. High-quality rubber has extremely strong tensile force, large stretching range, and high anti-peel strength; low-quality rubber has the opposite effect.

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