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How to Decorate an Aquarium

An aquarium is a type of vivarium that contains a living ecosystem of aquatic plants and animals. It is used by fishkeepers to house fish, invertebrates, amphibians, and other aquatic animals. Unlike a terrarium, an aquarium does not need to be enclosed.
There are several factors to consider before you begin decorating your aquarium. First of all, consider the type of decorations you intend to use. There are many decorative options that can be used in an aquarium, but some are more appropriate than others. For instance, the materials used for the decorations should be non-toxic and able to resist chemicals and bacteria. If you are buying decorations online, it may be safer to purchase them from a reputable aquarium shop.
Second, consider the species of fish you want to keep. While some species are friendly and get along with other fish in aquariums, others will attack other species. Try to stock your aquarium with species that come from the same region. For example, you should not keep a territorial fish in a 10-gallon tank, since it will be aggressive.
For optimal conditions, your aquarium should be cleaned and maintained on a weekly basis. A typical weekly water change will include a water change of ten to thirty percent of the water. During this process, you do not need to remove your fish, but you will need to use gravel cleaner and stir the gravel. Another important step is to use a water conditioner. Water conditioners can help remove chlorine and chloramine from your aquarium water. They also neutralize heavy metals.