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How to Get the Most Out of Your Aquarium

It's important to know how to get the most out of your aquarium. Aside from keeping the tank clean, you also need to make sure your fish are healthy. You can do this by observing your fish and checking the warning signs.
For starters, you want to get rid of any debris that is stuck to the bottom of the tank. Using a gravel vacuum is a good way to start. But you should avoid siphoning all the water. This can shock your fish, and it isn't a good idea to do it too often.
Another thing you can do is to add plants. They can be a great addition to your aquarium. In fact, some aquarists let them grow outside the tank, which gives them a more natural look.
You can also add decorations. Keep in mind that you should only buy certified aquarium decorations from specialized pet stores. These are less likely to be harmful to your fish.
You can also buy abrasive pads to clean the glass of your aquarium. Just be careful not to accidentally spill chemicals in the water.
You can also use an LED light to give your aquarium some added flair. However, you can't use this without a filter. The filters help remove toxic substances from the water.
When purchasing an aquarium, make sure to pick a size that will fit your home. Larger tanks will require more maintenance. Also, you should get a heater for the tank to maintain consistent temperature.
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