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Acrylic fish tank production steps

1. Choose a reasonable size according to your needs. Now most fish can grow to 20-30 cm, so when determining the size of the acrylic fish tank, at least 100 × 50 × 50 cm (length × width × height), so that you can Give the fish a good growing space. At the same time, the thickness of the fish tank acrylic sheet is determined according to the size of the fish tank.​​
2. According to the design plan, the acrylic sheet is engraved, polished, edge scraped, hot bent, etc., pay attention to master the technology of each process, and make the required plate shape.​​
3. Bonding between sheets. Glue the treated acrylic sheet to maintain the integrity of the acrylic fish tank. The acrylic fish tank of one meter and more should be directly bonded to the four frames of the tank wall on the bottom surface. Due to the heavy weight of the large acrylic fish tank, the vertical seam is easy to shift, and it is also reinforced with a pressure device.​​
4. Install the biological filtration system. Install the biological filtration system before laying the bottom layer, making sure that the filter base completely covers the base of the tank and ensures that the air can be completely unblocked everywhere. Confirm that the acrylic fish tank is connected to the air riser pipe. The air pipes of some pneumatic filters must be correctly connected to the air riser pipe, and must not be misconnected or loose, because these pipes will be covered under the bottom layer in the future, and it will no longer be difficult. touch, the other end of the pipeline is connected to the external plastic tube.