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Big Fish Tanks

When setting up an aquarium, you can make the tank as big as you want it to be, but keep in mind that bigger tanks need more space and equipment. You also need to consider the amount of space needed for feeding, maintenance, and accessories. Choosing a size that suits your needs is essential for your fish's well-being.
Balas are schooling fish that need a large tank and plenty of space. They are best kept in groups of six or more, and are very active. The tank should be big enough for them to swim freely. They are very territorial and may attack other fish. Balas can be dangerous if you keep them alone; make sure you choose a tank that has at least 150 gallons.
Aquariums with multiple fish can require a lot of maintenance. You will have to do more water changes and clean the glass of the tank more often than smaller ones. They will also require more lighting and pruning than small tanks. If you want to keep your aquarium at a certain temperature, you can add an external thermometer to the tank.
A typical weekly maintenance cycle consists of changing 10 to 30 percent of the water in the tank. Some aquariums are self-sufficient and do not require constant attention. However, it is important to vacuum the gravel in your aquarium weekly to remove food residues and uneaten foods. Another factor to consider is the water quality. Some tap water contains chemicals and should be treated with a water conditioner. This will remove chlorine and chloramine and neutralize heavy metals in the water.