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Germany's most "luxury" hotel spends 100 million to build a giant fish tank, as if in the underwater world

People ’s living conditions are gradually getting better. With more time and energy, they are naturally willing to enrich their spiritual life. Most of them will choose to travel, and slowly promote the rapid development of the hotel industry. After all, when going out, the first thing to consider is the issue of accommodation, but the competitiveness of each other will become greater over time, so as long as there are unexpected points, it will attract more customers.

And we often see a lot of hotels in China and abroad in their appearance and materials, of course, there are many more luxurious, such as the Radisson Blu Hotel in Germany today, if anyone has been there before It should be found that this hotel is more spectacular in appearance at first, and will be shocked by the front view after entering, because a huge fish tank is erected in the center of the lobby.

Compared to those square small fish tanks that are only used for viewing, this one can be called a giant, and its shape is cylindrical, which is equivalent to seven or eight floors. Various coral stones and various The planted seaweed is distributed in it, and the fishes are swimming around collectively, like a reduced version of the underwater world, looking up to feel like they are in it, and the experience is very strange.

After a careful understanding, I realized that the original fish tank was originally built by the hotel with a huge investment of 100 million yuan, in order to allow customers to experience the feeling of being in the marine world at any time, because its location is very appropriate. It just happens that every room in the surroundings can see the fishes as long as the windows are opened. I have to say that this clever idea is really intimate.

If you want to make further contact, there is also a very humanized facility in the fish tank, which is a straight elevator. People can ride directly on it and look at the clear water and smart fish halfway, as if they are real. Came to the bottom of the sea, but seeing here may be

Some people will ask, must such a large water tank be very difficult to clean up? Indeed, in order to present a better look and feel to customers, the hotel has to be cleaned up to a corresponding degree every day, and it has to be said that it is really rich and willful. Do you have anything to say about this? Feel free to leave a comment below