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The advantages and disadvantages of acrylic fish tank from two aspects

1. According to the type of material:
(1). Generally, the glass is emerald green, easy to break, and the transparency is very low. It is easy to age and deform after using for a long time. It is best not to buy this kind of glass for fish tanks.​​
(2). Plexiglass is one of the earliest major thermoplastics developed. It has good transparency, chemical stability, easy dyeing, and easy production. However, the strength is very low, and it is generally not recommended for use in fish tanks.
(3). The fish tank made of acrylic glass is a kind of glass material between plexiglass and ordinary glass. It was used in the manufacture of aircraft before. Most of the earliest fish tanks with curved angles also used acrylic glass, which is light in weight and strong in strength. Hardness and high transparency.​​
2. According to the production technology:
(1). Grind the edge of the glass processed to a suitable size to be flat, beautiful, and without danger. Grind with a professional glass edging machine, usually the incision will show a 3-sided chamfered grinding.
(2). In order to avoid the leakage of water or the rupture of the fish tank caused by the water pressure after the fish tank is filled with water, a method of fixing the edge parts is adopted. Special glue for fish tank is usually rare, and there are too few domestic ones with Chinese instructions, so usually imported glue is used in the production of fish tank.