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Large-scale aquarium landscaping, raise water before raising fish

Large-scale fish tanks occupies a large proportion of today's landscape design, and it plays an important role in enhancing the aesthetic function. However, after all, fish tanks are still used to raise fish. Many times we pay attention to the design of the landscape in large fish tanks, but often overlook the improvement of water quality. Fish cannot do without water, let alone high-quality water. So, how should large-scale fish tanks carry out scientific and effective water breeding work?

First of all, a lot of preparatory work needs to be done before large fish tanks are raised. First, prepare necessary items such as heating rods, water pumps, and clean tap water; second, use corresponding disinfectant cleaning agents to clean and disinfect large fish tanks. New large fish tanks generally have a lot of chemical residues, especially The glue residue is more serious, and it is necessary to use salt for cleaning and disinfection or use potassium permanganate solution for cleaning and disinfection.

Secondly, dechlorination is required in the process of raising water in large fish tanks. Because at present, the water we use in large fish tanks is all tap water, and the re-coming water uses chlorine because it needs to be disinfected, so after placing the water in the large fish tank, let it stand for a few days so that the water The chlorine gas is fully dissipated, and such an environment is considered a relatively clean environment, which is conducive to the life and growth of fish.

Again, it is necessary to fully inject oxygen before the large aquarium is put into use. The oxygen in the water is generally insufficient, especially after stocking fish, the air pump and oxygenation equipment should be turned on to fully oxygenate the water in the large fish tank before being put into use. In addition, oxygen should not be arbitrarily added during the daily use. The equipment is closed to prevent the frequent activities of fish in the water and the high oxygen consumption which may lead to hypoxia.

Finally, a trial operation is required before the large aquarium is officially put into use. This process is very critical. You need to use the fish in the tank. Before putting it into the large fish tank, perform the disinfection process of the yellow powder medicated bath, and then put it in the large fish tank. Fish out.

In summary, large fish tanks have made great contributions to our landscape, but we must pay more attention to the water environment. How to raise water scientifically and effectively is very important. We must strictly control the stocking density and the process of water purification, filtration and oxygenation. Only in this way can the fish live longer in the large aquarium, which is more conducive to the construction of the aquarium. The display of the scenery.