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Precautions for the design of the aquarium

The modern aquarium design project is generally divided into several venues, each with a scene. Visitors can enjoy tropical freshwater ornamental fish in the tropical rainforest pavilion, observe shallow-sea coral reef fish in the coral reef pavilion, and collect shells and weave fishing nets in the Ocean Folk Museum. What is amazing is the undersea tunnel. When visitors walk in the undersea tunnel, they can not only see sharks, rays and other large marine fish swimming overhead and around, but also enjoy the large-scale "mermaid" performance.

The modern existing signs in some aquariums have a certain style but are not clear enough for tourists. The main manifestation is that the various signs are not uniformly divided, and the overall feeling is rather confusing. The signs of the various venues are not distinguished, and the impact on people is not profound enough, the time markings of the performance are not obvious and eye-catching, and the clothing of staff is not eye-catching. Insufficiency should be avoided when doing practice by yourself. At the beginning of the design, attention should be paid to distinguishing children and adults. The animals in the aquarium mainly attract children and people who love fish lovers. The design should be biased towards these two aspects, and the sense of activity should be stronger.
   The color of the standard shape in the aquarium is also closely related to the shape of the text. According to the background color of the signs in the aquarium and the colors of the staff's supplies in the aquarium determined by the color designer, the color of the font should also be determined to ensure that the signs and the staff's supplies in the aquarium can match the background in the aquarium after use.Unity can make tourists clear at a glance.Usually the main body Unity can make tourists clear at a glance.of the aquarium is clear, and the colors used in its color design are mainly blue and white, with yellow and red as a supplement. When a certain color occupies a large proportion in the design and color matching, the overall senses will give people a color feeling based on that color. The color, size, and image of the font have a certain impact, and it is necessary to try it to find a form of expression that meets the overall effect. The overall blue-and-white image gives people the feeling of being in the ocean; supplemented by yellow and red to give people a sense of closeness to the seabed flowers and plants; using a uniform tone to make people feel stable and not chaotic; using these colors with the ocean Among related colors, you can try different colors in one step, and you can clarify different feelings and different ideas in the feelings of tourists. These rules have a certain reference value for me, and help me choose color expressions to strengthen the overall design of the aquarium, thereby enhancing the audience's recognition of the role. The size of the overall signage design must be compatible with the actual geographical location. It must not be too large or too small. The purpose of the sign must be clarified so that tourists can clearly see it. The redesign of business cards, envelopes, letter paper, dress, etc., should be paid attention to and considered when making signs.
   With the vigorous development of the "tourism industry", our company's aquarium design is also going to the world with a new attitude, which requires better and more expressions to concretely express. While completing the design of the aquarium, our designers should not forget to create the environment in the aquarium from the whole to the details, from disorder to order, from space to time; from abstraction to materialization, from logical thinking to illusion reverie, from From the logo in the aquarium to the communication context, these are the important contents to be paid attention to. It must conform to the ideas of tourists viewing and the internal structure of the aquarium, and be able to understand the culture and ideas of the aquarium.

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