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Several tips for maintaining large fish tanks

If you want to maintain a large fish tank, the most important thing is to confirm its lack of key elements, and to see whether the ratio between the various elements placed in it is appropriate. The fewer elements it has, and the closer the ratio of each element to natural conditions, the less maintenance is required. Otherwise, more maintenance work will be required. Establish bare tanks and use only submerged biochemical filters to stop pure fish farming. This water tank should achieve a full-looking effect. Usually, the density of the fish being fed will usually reach the filter of the fish tank. The upper limit of tolerance, so that the ratio of bacteria to fish will be out of balance. If you maintain this kind of fish tank, in addition to feeding the fish every day, you also need to regularly suck the bait and feces at the bottom of the fish tank, and you need to change the water frequently to better dilute the harmful waste in the fish.
When the water temperature is high, an air pump is required to pump air, depending on the specific fish to be consumed. Set up a large aquarium with a biochemical filter, bottom sand, a lot of aquatic plants, algae-eating shrimp and a small amount of fish. In this kind of fish tank, all the main elements must be available except for the common plankton. In practice, the maintenance of this aquatic ecological large-scale appreciation fish tank is very easy, but it cannot be judged that it is intact.
In this system, the proportions of elements are not balanced. Because there are few fish, there are few metabolic wastes, aquatic plants and bacteria are relatively excessive, and the water body is in a negative nutrient state. This will cause the aquatic plants in the fish tank to go wild, and the entire system will disintegrate. We need to prune regularly to eliminate dead and rotten leaves, and pay attention to adjusting the growth density of aquatic plants. The maintenance of large fish tanks in Hefei is very important, and it is very important to ensure the normal ecology of the fish tanks.
Need to adjust the species and density of fish to reach equilibrium. However, this balance changes frequently. At this time, our maintenance work must stop corresponding adjustments, and must pay attention to its water replacement cycle. The above briefly introduced two maintenance methods for large fish tanks. Of course, in the actual fish tank maintenance process, you may still encounter many practical problems.