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Small common sense for large acrylic fish tank landscaping

Fish tank landscaping is to simulate a living environment closer to nature for the fish, and it can also improve the ornamental nature of the fish tank. Especially the fish flying between the grass and the rocks, how harmonious the picture is! How to make a fish tank? What are the precautions for fish tank landscaping? Next, learn more about fish tank scenery with the editor.
1. Choose a place to place the fish tank (a place that cannot be exposed to sunlight, otherwise moss will grow), the ground should be flat and there should be a power point. Install an extension cord with at least 4 sockets. Of course, you must clean the inside and outside of the fish tank

2.Paste the background paper or background board on the back of the aquarium, and the color of the background board is best to match the subsequent water plants. Wash the sand, scrub the sinking wood and rocks, and put the filter material into the filter.

3. If there is a connecting pipe, it must be installed. Install the submersible motor, and the straw screen hole should be at least 125px from the bottom. Connect the lights and turn on the lights for 10-12 hours a day.
4. Stir the bottom sand and base fertilizer evenly, 20 liters of sand and 1000 grams of base fertilizer. 11) Pave the bottom sand with base fertilizer, and then pave the remaining 50 liters of sand. Put driftwood or rocks into the fish tank. This vacant lot needs to be planted with aquatic plants to do beautiful work.
5. Slowly pour the water into the aquarium to make the temperature suitable, and place a glass or bowl at the bottom of the aquarium to prevent the sand from being washed away, and pour the water to half the height.
6.When planting aquatic plants, we should cut off the decaying stems and leaves first, and trim the roots to one third. We need to consider growth factors of different plants such as light when planting. The more important part of the fish tank landscaping is the addition of water plants.

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