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Technical points in the filtration system of large fish tanks

For large fish tanks, the filter system of the fish tank is very important. Generally speaking, the filter system accounts for more than 80% of the quality of the fish tank. Therefore, the filtration system of the entire fish tank should not be ignored. Let’s talk about building large The five main points of the fish tank filtration system: the design of a physical filter area with a reasonable capacity and a reasonable physical filter material: The theory proves that the physical filter material needs to reach a certain thickness and thickness to match the white cotton to perfect the physical retention effect.
If the thickness of the white cotton is not enough or the water flow is too strong, it will cause the feces to pass through the physical filtration area directly, resulting in physical retention loss. Reduce the intensity of the sewage flow: As long as the intensity of the sewage flow is reduced, the physical interception ability can be strengthened. At the same time improve the effective application rate of white cotton. Simply put, it is to increase the opening density of the rain shower pipe or directly use the rain shower plate, so that the water flow is evenly dispersed and the strength of the water flow is reduced.

The residues of such biological filter materials and fish excrement will not enter the biological filter area through the white cotton under the action of strong water current. Discard the water immersion filter and choose the dry and wet filter method: all white cotton is soaked in water, which will weaken the physical retention, and the polluted white cotton will hide dirt and will quickly destroy the entire water body. Two years ago, due to the economic abundance, in order to meet the hope of raising more arowanas, I worked for a period of time in two local arowana specialty shops in Dongying.

One of them is this kind of water immersion filtration, and more than 20 arowanas die a year. Died from standing scales formed by visceral infection of the same cause. Application of trickle: Since trickle filtration appeared, this powerful water quality disposal method has been doted by many aquarium fans. Due to sufficient aeration, the dissolved oxygen increases and the nitrification system is more robust. CO2 is easy to escape, which prolongs the acidification period of water quality and is more suitable for raising large fish. But the shortcomings of dripping are also obvious. It is erected high in front of the fish tank, which lacks the aesthetics it should have.

Without sufficient height, it is difficult to fully utilize the advantages of trickle filtration. Therefore, it is difficult to separate the trickle filtration on the bottom filtration and fully apply the advantages of trickle filtration. Unless you can sacrifice one side of the fish tank to completely make an overflow drip. The physical filter area should be designed with an anti-blocking overflow area: the original intention of designing a satisfactory filter is to invent excellent water quality and reduce the intensity of feeding and management. Therefore, the physical filter area needs to be equipped with an anti-blocking overflow area to prevent problems.