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The correct fish tank maintenance starts here

Nowadays, large fish tanks were once commonly used as decorations in the living room. Raising fish and water plants in the living room can make them more vivid. Today’s large-scale fish tanks are all in all shapes and colors. Maybe the merchant once planted the aquatic plants for you when you bought the aquarium, thinking that this would save you a lot of trouble, but ordinary merchants are not standard when planting aquatic plants in the aquarium. In the future, we will also find the right way to maintain it.
The most difficult part of a large fish tank is the maintenance of the bottom bed. It is usually called "low smell", which means that the entire bottom bed of the fish tank has become black. What is more serious is that a layer of sticky has grown on the bottom bed of the fish tank. And it's a thick jelly, giving out a very smelly taste.
In fact, all of the above are caused by the poor activation of the bottom bed. The ecosystem in the large aquarium is not well established. Nitrogen elements accumulate on the bottom bed and breed a lot of algae. From the beginning, some cyanobacteria gradually faded into brown algae. , Brown algae have the characteristics of nitrogen, a large amount of nitrogen accumulation causes the bottom of the fish tank to become black and smelly. The water in our fish tank has become a common river of war, and gradually the ecosystem loses its balance.

Regarding the maintenance of the fish tank, nitrifying bacteria must be used from the beginning. The role of the nitrifying bacteria is to convert the accumulated ammonium nitrogen into nitrate, so that the aquatic ecosystem in the fish tank tends to be in a balanced state.