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The pros and cons of using acrylic aquariums to raise fish

Alec's harm to fish is so small that it can be ignored. Before raising fish in the new water tank, please use 40% salt or potassium permanganate (the water color can be dark red). Disinfect the water tank. Do not put the fish immediately after filling the water. Let the water circulate through the pump for about a week. Then put one or two tails to stop the trial farming. If they are not dead, they can be officially raised. In order to save water time, you can also artificially add nitrifying bacteria (sold in the fish market). If you want to save money, you can add a small amount of yogurt for children to drink. The fish farming industry of the Alec people has not been harmed, but how to maintain it. Acrylic is also called plexiglass. Its texture is soft, so when cleaning the aquarium, don't brush it with rough things. It is easy to scratch and cannot be repaired after scratching. Can not withstand the high temperature, but the temperature of fish farming will not pose a threat to it.

There is absolutely no information on acrylic acid for most fish, but it is impossible to raise a single fish, such as marine fish, colorful angelfish, arowana, and aquatic plants. The service life of acrylic fish tank is usually 2 years. If you cherish it more (wipe frequently), it will only take 1 year. Potassium permanganate, salt and ferrous sulfate can stop the disinfection of the fish tank. The best way is to expose the sun to the sun, increase the water content for 3 weeks after adding water and release the fish.