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What are the advantages of acrylic sheet and glass

1. Material properties: Acrylic, also called acrylic. Strictly speaking, acrylic has three distinctions: domestic, joint venture, and imported materials. From the composition of its material elements, we won't talk about some chemical element terms. It is often used for high-end exquisite display supplies, such as the display stand of "Chow Sang Sang" jewelry made by our factory. Plexiglass often refers to some simple and concise application processes. It is very thin. It is mostly used for light box films and small panel displays, such as plexiglass data boxes.
2. Sensory distinction: Acrylic material has very clear transparency without a trace of impurities. It is commonly called "imitation crystal". It has a good hand and texture and looks high-end and elegant, because its transparency is purely natural. Colorless and transparent, most of them are used in the production of noble handicrafts and high-grade product display stands. Plexiglass is generally transparent. Because many people don't know it well, they often compare Plexiglass with PVC and plastic panels. It can be seen that the texture of Plexiglass is slightly yellow.
3. Specifications and thickness: Acrylic is mostly thick and heavy, with a thickness of 0.5mm or more. Plexiglass is often light and thin.
4. Popular application: customers often ask about "crystal brand". The crystal here does not refer to natural crystal, but another name for the authorized brand and franchise brand made of acrylic. Plexiglass, everyone is accustomed to calling it "organic silk screen", "plexiglass sheet", "plexiglass propaganda frame" and so on.
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