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What are the benefits of plants in Small Fish Tank for fish?

Planting plants in Small Fish Tank has many benefits for fish, which can be summarized as follows:
Provide oxygen:
Plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis, which helps increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water and provide necessary living conditions for fish.
Especially at night, when the respiration of fish increases, plants can continuously replenish oxygen to the water body and reduce problems caused by lack of oxygen.
Purify water quality:
Plants can absorb harmful substances in the water, such as ammonia, nitrates, etc., and convert them into substances that are harmless to fish through their biological processes.
This helps to keep the water clean and stable and reduce fish diseases caused by water quality problems.
Provide shelter and breeding places:
Plants provide fish with a place to hide and live, which helps reduce fish stress and anxiety.
Some fish also use plants as a breeding place, such as spawning or hatching eggs.
Form ecological balance:
Fish and plants together form a small ecosystem, and plants support the survival of fish by providing oxygen and purifying water quality.
At the same time, the waste produced by fish also provides nutrients for plants, forming a virtuous ecological cycle.
Beautify the environment:
Adding plants to the Small Fish Tank not only provides a better living environment for fish, but also beautifies the landscape of the fish tank.
This not only improves the ornamental value, but also allows the owner to relax and enjoy the viewing.
In summary, plants in the Small Fish Tank have many benefits for fish, including providing oxygen, purifying water, providing shelter and breeding places, forming ecological balance, and beautifying the environment. These benefits all help to improve the quality of life and survival ability of fish, and also bring a better viewing experience to the owner.

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