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What are the tips for the landscaping of ornamental fish tanks

Stopping the landscaping of the appreciation fish tank is to imitate a living environment closer to the natural environment for the fish, and it can also greatly improve the appreciation of the fish tank. Especially the fish crossing between the aquatic plants and rockery, what a harmonious picture! How to make a fish tank? What are the precautions for fish tank landscaping? Below, I will introduce some fish tank landscaping techniques for everyone.
Select the center of the aquarium (the center that cannot be reflected by the sun, otherwise there will be moss), the air should be level, and there should be a power point. Install an extension cord with at least 4 sockets. Of course, the inside and outside of the aquarium must be cleaned. Paste the background paper or background board on the back of the aquarium. The color of the background board is best to match the subsequent plants. Wash the sand, scrub the sinking wood and rocks, and put the filter material into the filter.

If there is a connection, it must be installed properly. Install the submersible motor, and the sieve of the straw should be at least 5cm away from the bottom. Connect the light and turn on the light for 10-12 hours a day. Mix the bottom sand and base fertilizer evenly, 20 liters of sand and 1000g base fertilizer. Spread the bottom sand containing the base fertilizer, and then spread the remaining 50 liters of sand. Put driftwood or rocks into the aquarium. The vacant center needs to plant aquatic plants to stop the aesthetic work.

Slowly pour water with suitable temperature into the aquarium along the wall of the tank. A piece of glass or a bowl can also be placed at the bottom to prevent the bottom sand from being washed away. Fill the water to half the height. Matters needing attention-plant aquatic plants according to the configuration diagram, remember to cut off the rotten stems and leaves first, and trim the roots to one-third. Different plants need to think about the growth factors such as light when planting. The more important part of aquarium landscaping is the participation of water plants.