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What are the uses of the fish tank at home?

With the improvement of people's living conditions, buying a beautiful fish tank at home and keeping some beautiful fish is a very common thing. The size of the fish tank varies, some are suitable for living room,some are placed in the entrance, and there are even smaller fish tanks that can be placed on the table, so what are the benefits or functions of the fish tank as an important item in modern homes?
1. Appreciation
If there is a very beautiful fish tank at home, and it increases the ornamental value and plays a decorative role, imagine that if you return to your home after a tired day, you can see a variety of beautiful fish swimming freely in the beautiful fish tank Swim, will the mood be much better?
2. Fun
When I come home to spend some leisure time, raising some fish at home can find myself a small thing to do. Looking for the fun of fish farming is a very happy thing. I can also learn a lot of parenting knowledge, which increases my personal knowledge.I can cultivate my own sentiment by watching the fish "playing" in the water, let alone how happy it was.

3. Functionality
The size of the fish tank is different. If the living room is large enough, a partition needs to be more beautiful. Yes, you can choose a reasonable size fish tank to achieve the partition effect. The living room is set against the colored lights of the fish tank. The living room is more gorgeous. The fantastic space is so beautiful.
4. Learning
If there are children in school at home, fish farming can also allow children to learn about the types and habits of fish while watching, broaden the knowledge of children, and increase children's feelings of love for fish, which is also a good thing.
In fact, there are more uses and functions, which requires us to slowly discover in our daily life, and slowly realize that I believe that after watching it, I will like the beautiful home accessories like fish tanks more.
In addition, the fish tank is now a very common feng shui object in the home.As we all know, the fish represents more than a year, and the fish tank also represents wealth, which is beneficial.

Feng Shui function of fish tank:
(1) Huasha
In order to achieve the role of luck and avoid evil.
Among them, in the face of some fortune-telling or calamity,the aquarium can play the role of luck. To cite an example, in the Eighth Movement, the gate facing southwest is guilty of qi. At this time, if you know how to place a fish tank in the southwest of your home, you can naturally resolve qi.
(2) Prosperous wealth
There is a saying in feng shui that many people have heard: Shan Guan Ren Ding, Shui Guan Cai. Simply put, if you want to make money, you must use the power of water, and the fish tank is a good choice. Here I emphasize that even a friend who avoids water in the eight characters may not be able to place the fish tank. From my personal point of view, as long as the fish tank is right. It's just that you are bogey-free, and you get rich. Therefore, in Feng Shui, the fish tank has the effect of promoting wealth. In a city with many high-rise buildings today, when there is no mountain when you open the door, and there is no water behind you, it is too important to have a fish tank in the right place in your home.
(3) Prosperous peach blossom
Nowadays, many people in the Feng Shui community encourage the peach blossom to use music boxes, flowers, and rich bamboo directly. I want to say that the most magical thing to promote prosperity is the water and fish tank. For example, my article this year said that if you lay a fish tank in the north, you will not only make money, but also make peach blossoms. Because the peach blossom position in the Year of the Rabbit this year is the true north seat. Ziwuxing itself is water. Adding a fish tank will not only resolve the rotten peach blossoms of this year, but also bring you a peach blossom that can bear fruit.
Pay attention to the following points when placing the fish tank in the living room:
A. The fish tank should not be too large; too large a fish tank will store too much water. From the perspective of feng shui, although water is important, too much too deep is not suitable, and the fish tank is higher than the eye position when the adult stands up. Too high, so the fish tank in the living room should not be too large or too high, especially for small living room.
B. The fish tank should not be placed in the Kyrgyzstan; any house can not be perfect. There are always some external evils. Using the fish tank to resolve the external evil is one of the ingenious methods. There is a saying in Feng Shui that “dial water into Zero Hall”. The so-called “zero hall” refers to the decay of lost luck, which means that the introduction of water into the lost luck can turn the disaster into auspiciousness and turn the evil into evil. Therefore, the fish tank should be placed on the murder side, not on the Kyrgyz side.
C. Do not place the fish tank behind the sofa: From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is not appropriate to use water as the backing, because the water is impermanent, and it is difficult to rely on it as a backing. Therefore, if you place the fish tank behind the sofa and a family sitting there daily, it will be unreliable and affect the stability of the house. If the fish tank is placed next to the sofa, it will not hinder the feng shui of the house.
D. Don't let the fish tank collide with the stove: the fish tank is full of water, and the kitchen stove is a fire. Because "water" and "fire" collide, so if the fish tank in the living room forms a straight line with the kitchen stove, it is a water fire Taboo against each other. Hedges between the fish tank and the stove will damage the health of the family; the reason is that the water and fire are opposite, water can overcome the fire, and the stove is a fire. The family who cooks on this stove will also be harmed. In addition, the fish tank should be placed as far as possible to avoid a straight line with the Shentai.

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