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What are the ways of fish reproduction

In the ocean, the mode of reproduction is mainly caused by strong currents, damage from external forces or other organisms. Human intervention in coral germination can occur naturally in a coral tank with good water quality. However, this process is very long and unpredictable. Those who are capable and dedicated can separate corals by themselves. Mushroom corals and button corals are relatively easy to multiply corals, and each developing bud is easy to see.
Use sharp scissors or a bone cutter to separate the bud from the mother. This is very important to ensure that there are not many fragments and to ensure that the bud and the mother recover as soon as possible. It must be divided at the junction between the bud and the parent body. If the junction is not obvious, it does not matter. Wait for a period of time before the junction is obvious. The cut buds are fixed on the live rock and can use thread or fishing line. Be careful to place it in the center where light and water flow are suitable.
Provide good water quality conditions to ensure its healthy growth. After a certain period of time, new corals will gradually mature and buds will also develop. This is why one or two mothers can breed a tank full of corals.