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What is the role of activated carbon in the fish tank

Like other auxiliary products, there are many types of activated carbon that we come into contact with in our daily life. Take coal-based columnar carbon as an example. It has been carbonized, cooled, and cooled in various factories using high-quality coal as the main raw material. A series of operations such as activation, washing, etc., for example, cylindrical charcoal, which is known as columnar charcoal by people, is manufactured by kneading, extruding, and then carbonizing and activating fine powdered raw materials and binders.
It is not difficult to guess that under its common structure, it has many characteristics, such as prosperous pore structure, excellent adsorption performance, easy reproducibility, high mechanical strength and other characteristics. Of course, the cost of this type of carbon is relatively low. So it is more suitable, and it is also very good in cylindrical fish tanks.
So how do ordinary cylindrical fish tank users apply the activated carbon filter? In detail, it is installed on the top of the aquarium, and the water in the fish tank is pumped out over and over again through the pumping action of the underwater submersible pump. It is sent back to the tank, and the water in the fish tank is effectively purified in a filter tank with several layers of filtering materials such as carbon.
This kind of operation theoretically only needs to periodically change and clean the charcoal in the filter tank, which can well meet the requirements of the cylindrical fish tank for the quality of the water in the tank. Due to the characteristics of the applied charcoal, it will pass through some additional tanks. By design, ordinary users can easily purify the water body and improve the quality of the fish tank.
In addition, with the assistance of this design of activated carbon filter, the water flow in the cylindrical fish tank will be very obvious, thereby further improving the simulation landscape in the fish tank. Just imagine, in the slow sound of water, countless beautiful farmed fish swim Will the movement become more vivid? Will those who like fish farming prefer fish farming under such a vivid scenery?