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What's so special about fish tank placement?

To raise fish, you must have water, and you cannot leave the circulating air. The air circulation generates wind. Fish farming seems to be inseparable from feng shui. Perhaps many people do not agree with this statement. They think that "feng shui" It is purely nonsense, but "Feng Shui" is often derived from the laws of nature, and it does not make any sense at all. Therefore, a large number of Chinese people still accept this statement, especially the southerners This is beyond doubt. If you have fish, you have to have a fish tank. As a household item, the fish tank has a certain amount of attention in the room, and it is also exquisite in terms of size, orientation, and feng shui factors.

【Placement of fish tank】
Traditional feng shui believes that aquariums should not be placed in auspicious positions or high positions, but should be placed in attenuated positions or murdered positions. According to the auspicious position of 2019, the southwest position is the dead position. It is best to place the fish tank in the southwest position. The most unsuitable place for the fish tank in 2019 is the center of the living room, because the position of Babai Zuoxing in the center is the most prosperous position in 2019, and it is also the financial position for 2019. Therefore, this position cannot be placed in the fish tank or stacked Sundries. In addition to the southwest orientation, fish tanks can be placed, but also southeast, east, northeast, and south.
[Where should I place the fish tank at home? 】
First of all, it needs to be explained that fish farming at home is not only for wealth, but also that it can beautify the indoor environment and add fun to life, and it can also make the home full of vitality at all times. It is recommended to place the fish tank in a relatively open and transparent environment. For example, the living room is the best location, followed by the entrance door, and many families now place the fish tank here. Aquariums can also be placed in study rooms and balconies, like bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms are not recommended. Even the living room is the best place to place the fish tank. But you can't put them in a mess. You can't put the fish tank behind the sofa, because the water is irregular and unreliable. It is better to put the fish tank on the side of the sofa. The fish tank should be far away from the windows and other places where direct sunlight can reach. The slightly darker spots are better, which is more conducive to the growth of fish. In addition, it should be placed in the most conspicuous place, but not in the center of the living room. The fish tank must not be directly facing the gate to prevent leaking the wealth and wealth. It is best not to place the fish tank directly in front of the kitchen and close to the kitchen, because the fish tank is water, the kitchen is a fire, and the fire and water are not compatible. This is the reason, but the editor thinks that there is no absolute in everything, as long as you avoid Some big taboos will do.

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