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Where does the seawater in the aquarium come from?

When you went to the aquarium, have you ever wondered where the sea water in the aquarium comes from? The editor of the aquarium design and construction project below will help you out.
I believe no one is not curious about the ocean. It occupies more than two-thirds of the earth. The creatures and physical cycles in it have been as fascinating as black boxes for a long time. With the advancement of science and technology, people want to understand marine life in addition to directly In addition to sailing or deep-sea diving, people with fear can choose to go to the aquarium to see the true face of marine life on land.
 However, the material composition of sea water and terrestrial water is still very different. How does the aquarium ensure the normal survival of marine life in the aquarium? Is it possible that the water they use is directly transported from the sea?
First of all, in order to ensure the normal survival of organisms and ensuring water quality is indeed a big problem, if the aquarium is located on the edge of the coast, it will be much easier to solve it. It is directly extracted from the seawater, and then manually processed to remove some of the harmful substances and it can be used normally. . This treatment method can greatly reduce the consumption of manpower and capital, and can also provide a better living environment for marine organisms.
If an inland city wants to have an aquarium, the challenge will be greater. The common solution is to extract important effective substances from seawater, commonly known as sea salt, and collect them. The relevant staff use the substance and follow the actual conditions of various substances in the seawater. The proportion of artificially produced sea water.
Can be put into marine animal breeding environment after strict inspection in the later stage. However, this relatively closed environment lacks a certain degree of self-purification ability. It requires manual disposal of feces and other garbage and regular treatment of various algae produced on the pool wall to ensure a good living environment and avoid the breeding of bacteria and viruses that threaten biological health.

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